20+ Best Trio Halloween Costumes Ideas for Groups

Looking for some best trio Halloween costumes for yourself and your best friends? We got you covered! Here is a list of some of the unique Halloween fancy dress costumes  for groups. No matter you are looking for an all girls’ trip costumes or an all guys’ trio costumes or even a girls’ and guys’ trio, out list would be helpful.

You must be planning this Halloween costume idea since last few months. Even if you haven’t made any preparations and want some last minute ideas, you have come to the right place. Check out the list!

Top 20 Trio Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

  1. Be the Minions

Minions Halloween Costume Ideas for kIds

What is better than being cute squeaky minions? Well, nothing! So for the BFF gangs who are fans of this cute character from Despicable Me can go for this idea. Minion costume ideas for Halloween is  good choice for your kids.


  1. Be the Pokémon’s

 Pokemon Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids Trio

The Pokémon craze is here and you can surprise everyone in the party by opting for this pokemon costume idea. Don’t get caught though!


  1. Be the Disney Princesses

 Disney Princess Halloween Costume for Girls

Old school idea but yet everyone’s favorite. Choose your favorite Disney princess character and dress up like her on this Halloween. Its an easy Halloween costume for trio of females.


  1. Op-op-op-op-oppa Gangnam Style

 Gangnam Style Halloween Costume for Trios

Here comes another famous three person Halloween costume idea. You can be the diva and still the craziest girls in the party. When you would hit the dance floor, no one would notice anyone else.


  1. Make a Tetris

 tetris game costume ideas for halloween group party

Though a Halloween last minute costume idea, it is super easy and one of the coolest for a trio.


  1. PacMan and his Ghosts

 Pacman Costume Ideas for Kids Groups

Be the Pac Man and let your BFFs be your ghosts. Beware, they might chase you all night long.


  1. Be the Frozen Characters

 Frozen Halloween Costume for Trios 2016

The movie might have been old now, but it still holds a special place in our hearts. And the best part, you guys would look stunning with frozen costume on Halloween!


  1. Be a Sandwich

 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Trio Groups

You are sure to make mouths water once you dress up as a sandwich. Let your BFFs be the bread slices around you and you be the stuffing. Parents can also dress themselves as bread and their kids as tomato and lettuce to form a delicious sandwich.


  1. Be the Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turtles Halloween Costume Ideas for Trios

Everyone loves Ninja Turtles. So, why choose anything else. Be the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles and rock the Halloween party.


  1. Alvin and the Chipmunks

 Alvin & chipmunks trio Halloween costume for girls 2016

Another last minute costume idea, you need to grab three pairs of cute horns hairbands for this. And, any of your cute outfit would do the rest. The dress color combination should be of green, red and blue in order to form the perfect Alvin & chipmunks Halloween costume.


  1. Go GoT!

 Game of Thrones Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups 2016

If you and your besties like GoT, you can decide to be some of the iconic Game of Thrones characters on this Halloween.


  1. Powerpuff Girls

 Powerpuff girls costume ideas for little girls Halloween

Oh yes! You can be the powerpuff girls and nostalgia is sure to follow. A good Halloween costume for kids


  1. Angry Birds

 Angry Birds Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

This one is the cutest toddler Halloween costumes ideas you would find today.


  1. Be the LEGO Bricks

 Lego Group Costume Ideas for Halloween 2016

Yes, you can be the simple LEGO bricks and still look ravishing.


  1. Guess who?

 Guess Who Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups and Trios

This one will be a fun and cute idea at the same time.


  1. Guard the Galaxy

Guardians of the galaxy costume for groups this halloween

Oh the guardians of the galaxy are here. That’s what you would hear people say when you step in with your BFFs. Isn’t that cool?


  1. Be the Army Men

 Army Men Group Costume for Halloween 2016

This idea is inspired by Toy Story and you can get it just by using some old plastics and a lot of green paint.


  1. Rainbow Loofahs

kids rainbow loofah colorful halloween costume ideas for trios

Dress up like loofahs and you’ll certainly look sexy on this Halloween!


  1. Instagram #Selfies

instagram selfie costume ideas for halloween kids

This is the best funny Halloween costume idea for the selfie freaks out there! And guess what, people will love to get clicked with your trio.


  1. Harry Potter Gang

 Harry potter gang costume ideas for trios

The old school costume idea of being Hermoine, Harry and Ron will cheer everyone in the Halloween party.

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