20+ Thanksgiving Crafts Ideas for Kids and Adults

Thanksgiving is a time to bring out your inner creativity. We are presenting here some of the best thanksgiving crafts ideas. Not only the kids, but the adults would also love them. The best thing about them is that they are very easy to make. And once done, they would add a sparkle to your thanksgiving decorations.

Innovative Thanksgiving Crafts Decoration Ideas

  1. Garland of Leaves

You can cut out paper in the form of dry leaves and then tie them up in a garland style.


  1. Painted Pine cones

Nothing will decorate your house like the pine cones. And if you paint them with glittery paints, it would add more to their beauty.


  1. Tabletop Turkey

This turkey craft is very easy to make. Just grab a paper cup, paint it brown and turn it upside down. Then add the paper cutouts to give other facial features.


  1. Turkey Napkin Ring

Turkey napkin ring is another easy thanksgiving craft ideas for adults. These are sure to grab the guest’s attention. Draw turkey on paper and cut it out with scissor. Then add eyes to it and a ribbon at the back.


  1. Thanksgiving Chalkboard

You are not bound to use only the chalks on black board. In fact, you can decorate the board using fall leaves too.


  1. Candies in Pumpkin

Hollow a pumpkin and then fill it with the thanksgiving candies for gift.


  1. Pumpkin Craft

There are a lot of pumpkin craft ideas available but this one is very different. Melt your old wax crayons and pout them over a neatly painted pumpkin.


  1. Place Mats

Place mats are easy to make. You just need to cut a thick paper in a good shape and then write the guest’s name over it.


  1. Corn Husk Wreath

You can either go all natural or paint them golden before creating a wreath.


  1. Gold Leaf Place Cards

Dry leaves can be used for different thanksgiving crafts ideas for kids. Get the fall leaves, dip them in gold paint, let them dry and once done, use black paint to write your guest’s name. You can also get the signatures of your guests on them.


  1. Fruit Centerpiece

Get some fruits. Gild them golden and arrange them in a tray. They would serve as amazing centerpieces for table on thanksgiving party.


  1. Pear Decorations

Thanksgiving means season of pears. With some pears and lots of cloves, you can make these easy thanksgiving crafts.


  1. Pumpkin Turkey

This time, give your pumpkin a turkey outfit by making this cool thanksgiving craft ideas at home.


  1. Serving Spoon Flowers

You can tie some of the best flowers from your garden on the serving spoons. And then hang these spoons on the front door.


  1. Pinecone Hangings

A very good way to use pine cone crafts ideas would be to make hangings out of them.


  1. Pumpkin Napkin Holders

You can make these napkin folders from a wool. Another cool thanksgiving craft ideas 2016.


  1. Leaf Wreath

Dry fallen leaves would give you the thanksgiving feels. And you can make a thanksgiving wreath out of them and hang it at the door to make it even more amazing.


  1. Black Hat Crayon Holders

Grab plastic cups and paint them black. You can also make designs on them. They would serve as perfect crayon holders for thanksgiving.


  1. Turkey Cups

You can turn plastic cups into turkey crafts by adding face features to them. They serve as best table decorations for thanksgiving. Your guests can also turn them upside and get their drink in them.


  1. Gold Confetti Pumpkins

Paint mini pumpkins in white color and throw gold confetti over them. They will serve as mesmerizing centerpieces for thanksgiving.


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