75+ Spooky Halloween Desktop Backgrounds 2016

When it’s Halloween, you got to put a little bit of spookiness into everything around you. That would give you horror feels. You can put up a spooky desktop wallpaper too. So, get some of the scariest Halloween desktop background images and put them up on your computer or laptop. Make your Halloween perfect!

Here is a list of some of the scariest Halloween desktop backgrounds and images 2016. They will certainly scare you and the people around. So every time when you switch on your PC, you would be reminded of the upcoming Halloween holidays.

You can download these Free HD Halloween wallpapers to your desktop or laptop by right clicking on the image and selecting “Save Image As” option. If you are browsing through mobile or tablet device then long press on the images for 2-3 seconds and select the download image option. This will save the halloween on your Iphone or android mobile phone. Enjoy!

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Scariest Halloween Wallpapers Free Download

  1. Ghost Wallpaper

Ghosts signify Halloween like nothing else. So why not put white ghosts as your wallpaper. It would be fun.


  1. Glowing Pumpkin Wallpaper

The jack-o-lantern wallpapers look creepy, especially when you turn off the lights.

Pumpkin Halloween Desktop Wallpaper 2016

  1. Haunted House Wallpaper

The haunted house wallpapers may not look scary at first. But when you have a look at them for a little long, you would get scared.

Haunted House Horror Images for Halloween Desktop Backgrounds

  1. Monster Wallpaper

Terrifying monsters on your desktop would scare the hell out of you & friends!

Very Scary Monster Halloween Images and Desktop Wallpapers

  1. Burning Scare Crow Wallpaper

Batman arkham knight scare crow wallpaper can get you scary when their head starts burning. And a wallpaper like this would surely give you Halloween feels.

Burning Scare Crow or Owl Horror Wallpaper Free Download

  1. Watching you Wallpaper

The eyes themselves are enough to scare you. Checkout this scary Halloween desktop wallpaper in HD size.

Watching You Halloween Wallpaper & Desktop Background Images

  1. Blood Splash Wallpaper

Though we really don’t want to hurt anyone during Halloween, but the blood splashes on your desktop would look creepy.

Scariest Bloog Splash Halloween Desktop Backgrounds Images

  1. Dead Sparrow Wallpaper

A wallpaper that shows winter and a dead sparrow signifies terror. And hence, it is a perfect wallpaper for Halloween.

Dead Sparrow Creepy Halloween Images and Desktop Backgrounds

  1. Assassination Wallpaper

Again, we do not intend to hurt anyone. But your desktop should look scary as hell with this vampire girl background wallpaper.

Assassination HD Halloween Wallpapers and Images 2016

  1. Vampire Wallpaper

You can choose either a single vampire or a group of vampires on single Halloween wallpaper. But in the end, it should look scary.

Download Free Vampire Horror Images for Halloween

  1. Skull Wallpaper

Skulls indicate Halloween right away. Make them a part of your wallpaper and scare people around you.

Scary Skull Wallpaper for Halloween 2016

  1. Black Cat Wallpaper

Black cat is associated with ghostly feelings. And so is Halloween with this spooky black cat wallpaper for desktop.

Scary Black Cat Horror Images and Desktop Backgrounds for Halloween

  1. Dark Forest Wallpaper

This dark forest looks even scarier with that black ghost lady standing in between the dead trees. It is another popular evil halloween desktop backgrounds available for free download.

Dark Forest Black Halloween Desktop Background Images 2016

  1. The Crow Wallpaper

Apart from the burning scare crow, this bloody crow would give you the scary feels.

Scariest Crow Horror Desktop Wallpapers for Halloween 2016-2017

  1. Reflection Wallpaper

The worst nightmare of a person would be to wake up and watch a ghostly reflection in the mirror. Give it a chance to scare you!

Reflection Desktop HD Backgrounds Free Halloween Images Download

  1. Master of Fire Wallpaper

Fire everywhere! Is there anything scarier? If no, get this Halloween desktop wallpaper now.

Master of Fire Spooky Halloween Desktop Wallpapers in HD Free Download

  1. Black Bats Wallpaper

The black bats flying around the moon look scary. And they will make up a perfect wallpaper for Halloween.

Black Bats HD Halloween Wallpaper Spooky Free Download HD

  1. Night Owl Wallpaper

Night owls scare the most during Halloween. Get this spooky wallpaper now and enjoy the Halloween feels.

Night Owl Halloween Images and Desktop Backgrounds

  1. Witch Wallpaper

If you don’t want a monster, go for a witch wallpaper this time.

Spooky Witch halloween HD Images and Wallpapers for Desktop

  1. Red Moon Wallpaper

Red moon signifies bad omens. And once you set it as your wallpaper, you would see the scary feeling creep in.

Red Moon Full HD Halloween Backgrounds and Desktop Images

Free Halloween Images Gallery

Here is a collection of 56 more HD halloween desktop backgrounds that you download free. We hope that you will love scary photos. Don’t forget to share these with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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