75+ Scariest Halloween Masks Ever

The best Halloween masks are those which look frightening at the first glance. As soon as you enter the party, people should look at you like “Woah! That scared me!” In fact, whoever has come up with the most terrifying Halloween costume ideas have included scary Halloween masks for sure. A full face scary Halloween mask will add to your gruesome Halloween costume. You can go for either movie character masks or the comic book character masks, but you need to make sure that they look scary as hell.


When you get such a scary mask for yourself, not only you would enjoy the whole thing, but you would also be tagged as cool for at least a couple of months. So, we present here a huge collection of the 75 scariest Halloween masks ever.

Scary Face Masks for Halloween 2016

  1. The Night Owl Mask

Night Owl Halloween Mask

This owl shape mask from the ‘Stage Fright’ is a simple one. The huge dark eyes are bound to scare the hell out of people. (Buy from Dhgate)

  1. The Smiley Mask

The Smiley Face Silicone Mask for Halloween 2016

Gone are the days when smileys were used only to appear cute. Wear this mask from the “Smiley” movie and look gruesome instead. (Buy from Ebay)

  1. The Satan Mask

Satan Halloween Mask for Halloween 2016

The super creepy full face Halloween mask from “Satan’s Little Helper” is super simple, yet super scary. (Buy from Ebay)

  1. The Phantom’s Mask

Scary Phantom Mask for halloween party

This one from the “Phantom of the Paradise” is certainly not for the faint hearted! It is one of scariest Halloween mask ever.

  1. The Grinning Face Mask

Grinning Face Scary Mask for Halloween

Go for this grinning face professional Halloween masks from “The Purge”. It looks extra scary when you wear it with your gang. You can easily buy it online from AliExpress. (Buy from Ali Express)

  1. The ChromeSkull Mask

Scariest Chrome skull Mask for Halloween Men

This mask from “Laid to Rest” is yet another piece of horror.

  1. The Rabbit Mask

Horror Rabit Mask for Halloween functions

Once you see someone with this mask from “Donnie Darko”, you would never look at the rabbits same way again. Get the Donnie Darko Frank Mask for Halloween 2016 from Ebay. (Buy from Ebay)

  1. The Ghostface Mask

Ghost Face Killer Halloween Mask Theme

This one is pretty simple. It would remind your guests about the killers in “Scream”.

  1. The Saw Pig Mask

Saw Pig Halloween Mask Scariest Ever

Viewers of the “Saw” would relate to this mask. Extremely scary, you can get it from various retailers. (Buy from Ebay)

  1. The Pennywise Mask

Penny wise Latex Joker Halloween Mask

Ever thought clowns would look this scary? Here is the Rubie’s  costume men’s pennywise mask for Halloween. (Get it from Amazon)

  1. The Screaming Corpse Mask

Screaming Corpse Halloween Mask Ideas

The scary eyes of this mask add to the horror effect of the assumed screams.

  1. Scary Bear

Scary Bear Angry Face Halloween Mask Online

Once you get this mask, the people would not think of teddy bears as cute anymore. (Get it from Spirit Halloween)

  1. The Pee Wee Mask

Scariest Halloween Mask Pee Wee Ideas Ever in World

This Scary Halloween mask for full face from “Evil Dead 2” will scream out to your guests: “I’ll swallow your soul!” (Get it from Amazon)

  1. The Night Fiend Mask

Night Fiend Black Hoody Halloween Ideas for Horror Party

This mask has an exclusive feature – a movable jaw. So, make your enemies cripple while you enjoy scaring them. (Buy from Halloween Express)

  1. The Death Mask

Death skeleton Halloween Mask for Kids scaring

A version of the skeleton mask, the Death mask looks realistic enough to scare your friends. (Get from Amazon)

  1. The Horse Mask

Halloween Scariest Horse Skeleton Mask

A skull, but not human skull. A horse skull! How scary is that? (Order on ebay)

  1. The Doll Mask

Doll Scary Halloween Mask Ideas for Men

You would certainly scare the little girls at the party with this doll face Halloween mask costume. Made out of plastic, this mask would destroy the doll dreams of many. (Get it from Ebay)

  1. The Scary Snowman Mask

Cheap Snowman Halloween Mask for Party

Another cute creature that you can target with mask on this Halloween! (Get from Amazon)

  1. The Frog Mask

Animal Scariest Halloween Mask Frog 2016

You can take inspiration from “The Abominable Dr Phibes” and go for a frog mask. It looks ugly and scariest of all. Isn’t it? (Get it from Etsy)

  1. The Hag Mask

The Best Scariest Halloween Mask for this year

A super easy Halloween mask for girls from “Curtains”. Frizz up your hair and you would look like the real ice-skating killer.

Scary Halloween Masks Gallery

Here are a few more options if you planned to look scariest among your friends in the Halloween party.

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