15+ Fun Thanksgiving Games for Adults

To make sure that your thanksgiving party is not dull, you need to organize some thanksgiving games to have fun. If you think organizing kids’ games would do the job, then you are wrong. Sure there would be a lot of kids at the thanksgiving party, but there would be adults as well. So you need to entertain them as well. Here are some of the best thanksgiving games for adults.

Fun Thanksgiving Games for Adults

  1. Touch Football

Touch football is a nice thanksgiving game to play with your family and friends. You can arrange the game in your garden. Just grab some snacks and arrange some stalls so that your guests can grab them when they get tired.


  1. Turkey Bowling

Who said turkey bowling is for children? Even adults love it. And when you set it up with the entire family, the kid in them would come out.


  1. Board Games

If you are going to organize the last minute thanksgiving games and you don’t have much time to be creative, just buy a board game from market.


  1. Dumb Charades

Yes, the game everyone loves since their childhood is the name guessing game called “Dumb Charades”. The good thing is that you don’t need to revise the rules.


  1. Karaoke Night

Generally adults are fed up with their lives and this will give them a chance to sing their hearts out. You can declare a winner by finding out who sings the best by voting.


  1. Turkey Feather Hunt

Though it may seem like an old school game, it is still one of the best. You can cut out paper feathers and then hide them across the room. Then ask the players to find the feathers and attach it to the turkey. A simple thanksgiving game for kids too.


  1. Story Telling Game

Here, the members need not tell just stories. They can share the most memorable day of the year, or something they will remember throughout their life. This will help you to know each other more. The one who tells most stories, wins.


  1. Passing the Pillow

You can make this game even more fun by adding some unusual tasks in the chits.


  1. Treasure Hunt

This is a game that will involve all the family members. For hiding, you can use chocolate turkeys.


  1. Drinking Game

It is totally your choice to opt out of alcohol. You can form a circle and let each member speak of the most embarrassing thing they have done. If you think you have done something even more embarrassing, you need to take a sip. The person who finishes last wins.


  1. Dinner Game

As you serve thanksgiving dinner, ask your guests to remember the dishes served in order. Then, ask the first player to mention the dish served first. For example, “Turkey”. Next player will say “Turkey and Lasagna”. And so on. If a player messes up the order, he is out.


  1. Pass the Ball

Form a circle and then ask the members to pass the ball to the next position. However, they cannot use their hands to pass. If the ball touches a player’s hand, he/she is out. This would be a fun thanksgiving games for adults.


  1. Draw and Recognize

Divide the guests into teams of two. Then ask a member from a team to draw something. If the other team member recognizes it in three tries, they get a point.


  1. Gobbling Game

You can choose any snack, corn is the best though. The players need to gobble maximum of it in a minute. The one who eats most, wins. To add some more spice to the game, you can hang the food items with strings and decide your own rules.


  1. Extinguish the Fire

We can divide the group in two teams and then decide an imaginary fire spot. Both the teams should start from equal distance from the fire spot. The team who comes first wins.


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