Cool Halloween Face Paint Ideas For This Year

Fast approaching Halloween must be making you think for cool Halloween paint ideas to get something unique and different from others. You should be doing so because Halloween is something special and so are you. So why to settle for something less than extremely cool, unique and scary? Here are some Halloween face painting ideas 2016 that could help you for this year’s Halloween to create an impression. Don’t forget to check our latest trio costume collection for Halloween 2016.

Face Painting Ideas for Halloween 2016

  1. Black Cat:


Be a black cat and become a cursed animal who scares people. It doesn’t look like a very difficult one to put on. Just a few strokes of white on cat shaped black base, and a pumpkin coat on the rest of the visible part will do the job for this scary face paint idea for Halloween.


  1. Skeleton:


Get a little more spooky with this skeleton makeup for Halloween. An easy one to get going and wouldn’t require very high brush skills.


  1. Smoking lips:


Well! Simple and smoking hot. What else to say?


  1. Colorful pussy cat:


Don’t be surprised. This is just a pair of fake ears that you could easily find in any costume store. Rest is colors and brush. You can also go for some cool couple costume along with it.


  1. Skeletor:


Scary as hell. Maybe you could get help from a friend to paint your eyelids red so that it may look like bloody eyes. Get a black dress, put on a hood and get set go for a scary Halloween party!


  1. Dino:


If you neither like to put on a lot of makeup nor look scary, go for this one. It is simple and appropriate face painting idea for Halloween.


  1. Baby Angel:


This face paint idea is for kids & cute babies out there. Although your kid is an angel already, but this look could make them even more beautiful.


  1. Blood Borne:


Bloody eyes are very much scary! You can go for a scary Halloween costume along with it.


  1. Half-faced Tiger:


Animal looking face paint is a very popular idea for parties. This one really looks bold and interesting.

  1. Deer Face Paint Ideas for Halloween 2016:


Yeah! This is an easy to do face paint makeup for Halloween and looks cute too. Dress like a dear and become the cutest creature in the party.


  1. Beautiful ghost:


Even ghosts can be beautiful. Couldn’t believe? Have a look yourself after getting this simplest makeup.


  1. Creepy butterfly:


This creepy teeth butterfly is quite a scary and uncommon idea that would be appropriate for a cool Halloween party.


  1. Cute Butterfly:


Don’t want to be a creepy butterfly? Be a cute one with this butterfly face painting idea for halloween.


  1. Lipsy graveyard:


Just get a lipstick and use black paint to draw creatures from the graveyard & scary trees. It couldn’t get any simpler.


  1. Avatar:


Here comes an innovative face paint idea following the popular movie avatar. You can also go for a funky avatar costume along with it.


  1. Leopard:


Hey, this Halloween face paint idea is too simple and yet so much attractive. Just a use of eyeliner and black paints is enough to make you a leopard for party.


  1. Vampire:


Vampires are attractive when they don’t have blood pouring down their lips. This is a modern-day vampire who doesn’t show off by painting blood on their lips to let people know that they suck human blood.


  1. Cat:


Another adorable cat! But this time, it is extremely simple to paint at home. You could suggest it to anyone who hasn’t decided his/her face paint until the last minute.


  1. Spider Web:


Become the spider woman with the web on the eye on this halloween. Simply wow!


  1. Woodland Fairy:


Hah! Too lazy to do any of the Halloween makeup stuff? Just go to a costume store, buy a flowered crown and a pair of eyelids shade. That’s it!

I hope that you loved these innovative Halloween face paint ideas. More to come soon. Stay Tuned!

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