15 Christmas in July Party & Celebration Ideas

Christmas in July is a phrase that describes christmas celebrations in July. You might be thinking that christmas is celebrated in winter seasons on 25th december then what’s the concept of christmas in July? Let me tell you briefly about it in this article. There is actually no proper history of this event but it is considered that the tradition was initially started in Europe.

People use to celebrate christmas in summer with similar traditions like Santa claus, Christmas trees, ice creams & exchanging gifts with friends. Children also enjoy it with zeal and get chocolates & presents from Santa & their parents. July is a month of festivals and everywhere we see people rushing towards shopping malls & stores for shopping. Specially the people living in australia prepare for christmas & get the checklist ready for the long-awaited event.

Why Christmas in July?

You know the earth consists of two hemispheres i.e. northern & southern hemisphere. The climate and weather conditions of both hemisphere totally differs from each other. So when there is summer in northern hemisphere, people in southern hemisphere will be enjoying winter. So here comes the concept of christmas in July party celebrations when people celebrate christmas in summer.

People living in southern hemisphere countries like Australia, Argentina, New Zealand & South Africa  enjoy christmas parties in the month of July for a winter feel. They also celebrate it  on 25th December along with rest of the world.  In Australia the hotels and restaurants offer special menu on this day and people get the clubs booked for parties & celebrations. Different gatherings are arranged & people from all over the world travel to meet their friends and family on this special occasion. 

In this blog post we are sharing with you some cool christmas in july ideas that will make your day memorable with enjoyable.

15 Cool Christmas in July Celebration Ideas

1. Chocolate covered strawberry christmas trees

This is an easy christmas tree project that you can do at home with kids. Check the complete recipe here.

Chocolate covered starberry trees

2. DIY Pool Noodle Pom Pom Shooter

Check out this short DIY tutorial to pool noodle pom pom shooter at home for your kids.
Pool Noodle Pom Pom Shooter

3. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament

This is an easy DIY tutorial to make snowman ornament with bottle cap this summer. After all it’s free and your kids will love to try it this christmas in July.

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament

4. DIY Sea Shell fun craft ideas

Your kids will love to make these cute fishes out of painted sea shell.

DIY Sea Shell Craft Ideas

5. Watermelon Santa Fruit Salad Party Idea

You can make santa at home this christmas in summer with the help of watermelons. It is a great ideas to celebrate christmas in July party with friends & have fun.

Water Melon Santa Christmas Party Idea

6. Cute Snowman Craft Ideas

This is another DIY craft idea for christmas with medium difficulty that can be easily done at home.

DIY Snowman Christmas Craft

7.  Quick and Easy Christmas Breakfast for kids

Start your day with this healthy breakfast and get energized for the whole day. (Recipe)

Healthy Breakfast for christmas

8. Christmas Tree Nail Art Designs

Here are some easy christmas nail art design ideas for young girls that can be easily done at home. (source)

Christmas Nail Designs Ideas

9. The Holiday Themed Pizza for Christmas

Kids love to eat fast food and pizzas & you can win the hearts of your kids with this special home made christmas tree pizza.

Christmas Tree Pizza

10. Christmas in July Party Ideas

Decorate your home and make some special cakes and drinks to enjoy this festival if you are at home. Here are a few more christmas party ideas.

Christmas in July Party Ideas

11. Make Reindeer Pretzel Candies

This tutorial will make it possible for you to enjoy reindeer pretzel candies this summer.

Reindeer Pretzel Candies

12. The Perfect Candy cane sunglasses

Get ready, santa is coming to town with these special candy cane glasses & yes, he will surely bring some chocolates & gifts for you. (Source)

Candy Cane Sunglasses by Santa

13. Easy DIY crafts for kids

Checkout this cool Pom pom snowman that is very easy to make. Don’t forget to check some other cool DIY crafts ideas for kids.

Pom Pom Snowman for Christmas in July

14. Eggnog Truffle Pops

Here is a yummy recipe to make some delicious Eggnog truffle pops without baking. Your kids will surely love these.

Eggnog Truffle Pops

15. Melting Snowman cookies

These melting snowman cookies are perfect for christmas in july party. Your friends will love to eat these mouthwatering christmas cookies.

Melting Snowman Cookies

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