60+ Halloween Crafts for Kids!

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  1. Monster-a-Egg

6 Monster A Egg Halloween Scary Crafts for Kids

Another monster for the foodie kids. But this time you have to use egg cartons. Either you can use them as plain decorations or you can stuff candies inside and keep them in the tray. It would certainly look spooky, yet hold a yummy treat inside.


  1. Toilet Paper Mummies

7 Toilet Paper Mummy Scary Halloween Crafts

Kids can just cut out the toilet paper in thin stripes and use the toilet paper cardboard itself to cover it up. You can then help them to add hands to their mummies. Pretty simple, isn’t it?


  1. Printable Crafts

8 Printable Halloween Crafts 2016 Collection

Halloween printable crafts for kids is a great idea to bring out the creativity inside them. You can ask them to design a spooky slogan, or to draw a scary drawing and then get it printed. If you do not want drawings, you can ask them to choose a couple of Halloween masks from the internet and you can then get it printed in bulk.


  1. Scary Pumpkin Balls

 9 Scary Pumpkin Balls Halloween for Kids Crafts

You just need an orange tissue paper and a plastic ball. Wrap the ball in tissue paper and then cut out pumpkin face features to make this funky DIY Halloween craft.


  1. White Casper Ghosts

10 White Ghousts Halloween Crafts for Kids

You can use white tissue paper and drape it over small balls. Then draw the face features with a black marker to make spooky casper ghosts for Halloween.

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