60+ Halloween Crafts for Kids!

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The season of Halloween is back and kids are all excited. With all those scary Halloween costumes and yum treats, it is that time of the year when you can make some good memories with your kids.  You can get spooky costumes from the market or design them yourself. And when it comes to the decorations, the trend of Halloween crafts for kids is on the rise. The crafty DIY decorations would look scary and your kids would love helping you out in them.

You can check out these 60 easy Halloween crafts for kids, they would not take much time and kids would be able to finish off themselves.

Easy DIY Halloween Crafts for Kids 2016

  1. Spooky Hat

1 Spooky Hat Halloween Crafts Ideas for Kids 2016

One of the best DIY Halloween craft for kids’ party, spooky hats can be decorated in minutes. Just get a hat and a black spray paint. Then ask your kids to paint it black and decorate it with stuffs as they like it.


  1. Skeleton made out of Q-Pins

2 Skeleton Made of Q pins Halloween Craft

You would never have thought that you could use Q-Tips for cute arts and crafts for kids. Either you can use this skeleton template or look out for some cool Halloween crafts ideas on Pinterest and get a Q-Tip skeleton.


  1. Glowing Jar

3 Glowing Jar Craft for Halloween 2016

A safety precaution with this Halloween craft would be to fill in the glow stick liquid in the jars yourself, seal it tight and then give it to the kids for decorations. You certainly do not want an accident just 2-3 days before the Halloween.


  1. Glowing Crystal

4 Halloween Crafts GLowing Crystals

Just like a glowing jar, kids can make a glowing crystal. It’s a cool science experiment that your kids can perform at home on this Halloween. The complete tutorial you can find here.


  1. Monster-a-Marshmallow

5 Monster A Marshmallow Craft Ideas for Kids

For the moms of foodie kids out there, this is an exceptional and one the best Halloween food crafts for kids. The best part about this craft is that kids wouldn’t need any instructions. Kids are generally experts in playing with food, so you can finish off other decorations while they prepare this.

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