35 DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas on Budget

With thanksgiving around the corner, you must be really excited. However, you cannot go to the expensive stores and buy thanksgiving decorations every year. So, we are giving you some of the best DIY thanksgiving decoration ideas. And the best part is that they are cheap budget friendly. So, you don’t need to spend a bomb and your house would still look amazing. You can use already available stuffs in your home as the décor this time.

Thanks Giving Decoration Ideas 2016

  1. Use the Bookshelf

Depending upon the number of books you have to spare, you can write “THANKS”, ”SO THANKFUL” or “THANKYOU” afer stacking them.


  1. Make a Thanksgiving Tree

This will serve as the centerpiece and guests will certainly love it. Grab an old jar and paper or plastic cut outs. You can paint them if you want to and then write some thanksgiving inspirational quotes.


  1. A Banner at the Door

To welcome your guests, you can hang a thank you banner at the entry door of your home. And it is very easy to make. Just grab sheets of different colors and cut out the letters. A really nice thanks giving decoration idea for house wives.


  1. Paint the Leaves

You can get the fallen leaves from a garden near you. Just grab some golden spray paint and then cover the leaves withit. Then place these leaves around the house, on tables etc.


  1. Paint Small Pumpkins

Do not throw away the left over paint from leaves. Instead, grab small sized pumpkins and paint them as well. Place them in the corners. They would give you the feels.


  1. Make Handmade Cards

You can save a lot of money if you do not head to the market to buy those thanksgiving cards and make them at home instead.


  1. Garland of Leaves

A thank you banner at the front door and a leaf garland at the other doors inside of the house. This will make your thanksgiving day celebrations perfect.


  1. Deer Head Tags

When you want to say thanks to your guests, there is no better way than thank you tags. You can attach a string to these deer heads and then tie it across the hand towels.


  1. Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Apart from tags, you can go for DIY Napkin rings. You can make them with thick paper and decorate them the way you like. Go for DIY button decorations if you do not want to spend much time thinking.


  1. Color the Feathers

You need not grab special colors from the market. Just go with any water colors available at home. These can be used as thanksgiving table centerpiece decoration.


  1. Thanksgiving Sphere

If you do not want to go for the thanksgiving tree this time, a thanksgiving sphere decorations will be equally good. Further, it is easier to make.


  1. Pumpkin Candles

Candles are an important part of DIY Thanksgiving decorations. And you can make pumpkin candles just by emptying out a pumpkin from middle and placing a candle inside it.


  1. Apple Candles

Apple candles are similar to pumpkin candles. The only difference is that they are smaller in size.


  1. Golden Pine-cones

Grab the pine-cones and paint them golden. Then place them anywhere, on the tables, or around the centerpiece or wherever you like.


  1. Use the Chalkboard

Get your creative side out and paint the chalkboard this time. You can write a nice thank you message or draw a thank you picture and hang it at entrance to welcome guests.


  1. Leaf Place Cards

Nothing will impress your guests more than this. As soon as they head to the dinner table, they will see their names or pretty leaf place cards and they would turn to compliment you. Its an innovative thanksgiving dinner table decoration idea.


  1. Thanksgiving Calendar

This thanksgiving calendar is quite easy to make. You just need to write a thanks message over each date.


  1. Use Old Wine Bottles

If you have empty wine bottles, you can use them for DIY thanksgiving bottle decorations. Stick a letter to each of the bottle to form a thank you message.


  1. Table Cloth

You can grab a cloth over which you can paint black. And then cut it to the size of your center table and place it. A good idea would be to place a vase over it so that it does not fly here and there. That forms another stylish thanksgiving table setting.


  1. Leaf Wreath

DIY Leaf wreath is easy to make and it would certainly give you the best thanksgiving decoration feels & ideas. As a base, you can use a rope or a wire.


  1. Decorate the Jars

Fill up a jar with golden shimmer and then close the lid. Then add goodly eyes to it and for the nose, use paper cut out to form cool DIY thanksgiving crafts.


  1. Leaf Wind Chime

This thanks giving decoration idea is perfect for those homes where they have a center piece just above the dinner table. You just have to grab some dry leaves and get started.


  1. Candle Holder with Twigs

Twigs can be found just about anywhere. Use gum to stick them around a transparent glass and place the candle inside of it.


  1. Horizontal Tree

Enough of the vertical thanksgiving tree deocrations. This time, go with this horizontal tree. But make sure it is light enough so you can stick it one of the walls.


  1. Paper Feathers

If you have plenty of colored papers with you, you can use them to create artificial feathers. Write your messages over each feather and attach it to a wool wrapped ball. If you add eyes to it as well, it would become a perfect DIY thanksgiving centerpieces craft.


  1. Thank you Plate Tags

These are some easy thanksgiving table decorations ideas. Write thank you messages on plain paper tags and place them in each of the plate/bowl in which you are going to serve the guests.


  1. Paint the Candles

You can paint the outside of candles in the form of leaves to form this outstanding thanksgiving crafts decoration.


  1. Pear Turkey is Beautiful

Grab a pear. Draw eyes with a black sketch pen and stick a paper craft for its nose.


  1. Thanksgiving Tic-Tac-Toe

Your guests would love to play small games while waiting for dinner. Grab some small pumpkins and paint them in two colors to play tic tac toe or other thanksgiving games.


  1. Turkey Napkins

You need not get special napkins for thanksgiving. In fact, you can fold your old napkins turkey style. Here is an easy DIY napkin tutorial for dining.


  1. Pumpkin Fondue Pot

Pumpkins form some cool thanksgiving table centerpieces decorations for dinner & parties. Hollow the pumpkin and place the pot inside of it. Make sure it doesn’t go deep and fits exactly.


  1. Walnut Salt dispenser

Forget the salt dispensers. Instead, cut a walnut into half and place it on the table.


  1. Pinecone Cards

You can write your thank you messages on little tags attached to the pinecones & place them over the table and plates.


  1. Thanksgiving Message Board

Another good idea would be to place a DIY thanksgiving message board outside your home for your guests.


  1. Cloves can do Magic

If you do not want to paint your fruits and go all natural, use the cloves. They will pierce into the fruits nicely and you can still write your thanksgiving messages onto them.


We hope that you liked these easy DIY thanksgiving decoration ideas. You will enjoy making these nice thanksgiving crafts at home and your guests will love them.

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