30 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples 2016

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples: As Halloween is approaching you are definitely planning a lot to buy this and that to make a design for your Halloween party costume. But as a couple you would always like to be different and stunningly spooky, strange and visible in the party. Halloween is really not the time to dress like a beauty pageant, and actually make a bold statement and spooky mark on the crowd. Hence you must find Halloween costume ideas for couples accordingly from the wonderful list produced below, and plan to become the most discussed Halloween couple in 2016.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

  1. The Beauty and the Beast

This is the beauty and the beast costume idea for Halloween. Obviously the lady has to be dressed in a nice vintage style evening gown. You may have lace décor, or floral add ons, or satin finish on it. The fluffier it is the better. The man has to play the beast, and to bring that ultimate look a beast masque is the best. Using a full face mask is a nice idea and combine getup of a prince or gentleman with this. The scarier the masque is the better. Try lingering on to each other to show more passion between the beauty and the beast for a realistic theme.

1 The Beauty and the Beast Halloween Costume

  1. Gorgeous Zelda

The man will get dressed in the conventional style Zelda prince costume in green, while the lady will dress on Zelda theme gown, and both will bear their swords on hand. This is actually dramatic, and both of you would look heroic.

2 Gorgeous Zelda Halloween Costume for Couples

  1. Elsa and the Snowman

You all know Elsa, don’t you? The superman, batman, the spider-man and any superhero goes crazy for her, but in Halloween Elsa will couple up with her snowman. Get this special Halloween Snowman costume in all white with a round snowman head mask, and a carrot nose. The lady playing Elsa must get blonde hairs with shine. If you are a brunette you can use a fluffy and voluptuous wig to bring the blonde and braided Elsa look. Don’t forget your vintage style gown with it.

3 Elsa and the Snowman Costume for Couples this Halloween

  1. The lady law with the thief

The lady law is in a white cotton Greek style gown, and with a white blindfold on her eyes. Playing the lady of the law you don’t really have to blindfold yourself to stumble upon things on your route to party. Rather you may use small peepholes on your blindfold to get a nice vision, and enjoy the special look. Your man has to dress up in the black stripe on white jail dress with appropriate cap. This is a nice combination which people would love to stare at. Try mustaches and moles as add on to make it spicier.

4 The lady law with the thief halloween couples coutumes

  1. Cards couple

How about dressing as the cards couple! Become the king and queen of cards on this Halloween, and choose any card symbol out of four. The heart sign is recommended for showing the passion of love in between you two, and the complete set with matching caps and boots will be available at any nearby Halloween costume store.

5 Card Couple Halloween Costume Latest Collection 2016

  1. Rocky Horror show costume

Imagine the man dressed in a corset and pantyhose while the woman is in the poker joker style. How odd and creative this would look! Create such stunning visuals this Halloween to forcefully snatch on all eyes onto you in any party floor.

6 Rocky Horror show costume for Halloween

  1. The Power Rangers

The power ranger Halloween costume idea for couples is a smart one. You can try this different and yet intriguing superhero theme. Enough of trying the Superman and Spiderman couples. It’s time for the power ranger couples to get the limelight. The man can get a red costume with goggles and the woman can get a pink one in same style.

The Power Rangers Halloween Costume for Couples

  1. Emoticon couple

Did someone ever tell you that emoticons are so much loved by everyone? You use them on IM chats and on social media chats and everywhere. Hence the couple dressed as emoticons would look really cute and adorable on Halloween, and hence this is one of the sweetest Halloween costume ideas. Choose a winking and a smilie emoticon in yellow for the best highlights and let the base color of the dress be black or red.

8 Emoticon Couple Costume Ideas for Halloween

  1. The Hot Dog and Bun

Who will be the Hot dog and who will be the bun? That depends on you. But let the concept be a hit one, as one of you becomes the bun in brown, and the other one be the hot dog sausage in red with yellow barbeque sauce on it. Sounds lip smacking? Well it would look even better when sighted.

9 The hot dog and Bun Costume for Couples

  1. Swiss and Ham couple

Another sweet couple concept perfect this Halloween of 2016 is the ham and the Swiss cheese idea. The couples would look really smart and cute, as the lady dresses in yellow cheese costume, and the man dresses in lilac ham costume.

10 Swiss and Ham couple costume for halloween 2016

  1. Boxers

Being a couple you may also choose boxer or wrestler costume too on this Halloween. The boxer suite in black and golden piping at the borders looks great to make you glow in the dark. You may get the couple set. There is a hoodie with the boxer set, but you can make it look spookier by adding red lighted stags over the head on the hoodie. This getup is completed when the lady is in high heels or stilettos, and the man with the boxing or wrestler’s belt or badge.

11 Boxers Couple Costume for Couples Wrestlers

  1. The Avatars

Become the highly popular Avatars on this Halloween. The avatar couple as if directly coming out of the movie screens would look hot in blue. Get the blue skin dress for this with a long tail. Beat the tail occasionally to show off and don’t forget to carry the Avatar speaks in hand.

12 The Avatars Costume Ideas for Couples


  1. Plug and Socket

The plug and socket couple concept is a great one. The lady can be the socket while the man becomes the plug. Based on a black skinny dress, with white broad plug bodies fitted onto them you two would look really strange and funny on Halloween.

13 Plug and Socket Costume ideas for Couples

  1. Zombie Couple

Zombies and the undead have always been the favorite of many till date, and each Halloween one or the other plays this role. Why not you play the zombie in the 2016 Halloween as couple? Get spooky zombie costumes with cuts and sores, blood clots and scars everywhere, and look the nastiest.

14 Zombie Couples Costume Ideas 2016

  1. The Flintstones

Become the Flintstones couple. The special Flintstones costume for the man is an orange based black spotted odd fitting loose dress. The lady must be ready to put in orange wig on her head to match the theme while she is dressed in white short dress with patterned black frills.

15 The Flintstones Costume for Couples Halloween Collection

  1. The naughty nun and the holy priest

This is another spooky and naughty Halloween dress style. The lady wears a mini black dress with stockings and a nun cap. The man is dressed in same black color grown as the priest.

Naughty Nun Costume for Halloween

  1. Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie are the all time favorites of kids, and now in 2016 they are the favorites of adults too, and hence you can be the big Mickey and Minnie as the couple. The theme stays the same. The Mickey dress will be the red trousers and black coat over a white shirt and not to forget the Mickey ears on head. The Minnie dress is always a cute one in red. It’s a short frock in red and black and stockings should be accompanied. It is a cute Halloween costume idea for kids too.

17 Mickie and the Minne Costume for Halloween

  1. Nerdy Couple Costume

Play the Nerds this Halloween. The nerd glasses and the funny nerd hairstyle with pink and blue nerd tagged dresses for the lady and the man respectively would complete the funny look.

18 Nerd Couple Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

  1. The Jokers

Clowns couples look colorful and always get attention in any party for the special flashy and fluorescent colors on the dress. You can also get the best joker dress this Halloween to get dressed as the joker couple. This look always gets hit in any crowd.

19 The Funky Jokers Halloween Costume

  1. Be hippie

The Hippie Couple look is one of the all time favorites for Halloween. You must be dressed in torn and ragged dress, with typical hippie bell-bottom pants and the Hippie head ties, glasses, chains and bangles.  The complete set can be bought from some Halloween costume specialist store where you will get the exact hippie style red frames for glasses and the multicolored bell bots or the old jeans bell bottoms.

20 Be Hippe Costume for Halloween

  1. The Skeleton couple

The skeleton dresses look great in full black and white bone line highlights on them. You may add light piping with battery operated light circuits on them to look deadly. Its one of the scariest Halloween costume for couples.

The Skeletion Couple Costume for Halloween

  1. Become the Tooth Fairy

Some nice elements can also be presented in Halloween party like the Tooth fairy couple. You can plan the tooth fairy couple in full white fairy dress for the man and lady with magic wands for both. Include fairy head bands or crown too for complete royal look.

22 Become the Tooth Fairy on Halloween

  1. Halloween Racer Couple

Become the racer couple this Halloween with this sporty costume. You would need car racing costumes with helmets or caps, and the small racing flag on hand. The lady may choose to be the racer boy’s girlfriend in hot cheerleader dress, or may choose to be the racer herself too with proper racing gear.

23 Racer Couple Costume Ideas for Halloween

  1. Friday the 13th couple

One of the spookiest themes ever haunting men always is the Friday the 13th concept. If you have a little respect for that fear, you may also give it a try and use the Friday the 13th theme dress on Halloween. You would need a blood stained dress for this, a butcher knife in one hand, and the psycho mask. This will complete the costume.

24 Friday the 13th couple Costume Ideas for Couples

  1. Deer and the Hunter Costume

It would be a great idea if you adopt deer and hunter costume on this Halloween. The lady will be dressed to look like deer while the man will be hunter with bow & arrow in his hand. You can easily get the whole costume pack from your nearest Halloween costume store rock on.

Deer and the Hunter Costume for Halloween

  1. The Pirate and the captivate

The Pirate couple concept is always raw, as the man ties a single eye blindfold on the eye with the pirate coat, boots, cap and trousers. The lady becomes the prisoner with handcuffs with ropes tied on her hands and waist. Any light colored vintage style costume to get a contrast with the dark pirate dress of the man will be best for the lady.

26 The Pirate and the Captivate Halloween Costume for Kids

  1. The Nurse and Doctor Halloween Costume

The doctor and nurse theme has always been quite interesting. The lady dresses in red and white theme nurse dress in real short and hot style, and may include pantyhose too with it. The doctor dress will be in blue surgical ward dress to make it look real. The fake stethoscope must be there with the doctor and the nurse both to look realistic.

27 The Nurse and Doctor Halloween Costume for Couples

  1. The Shrek theme on Halloween

The Shrek theme is brought about by Shrek ears in green. You can match the Shrek in green with that to make a perfect Shrek theme. Even a Shrek masque would be great if you get one. It is another perfect combo giving an innovative Halloween costume ideas for couples.

28 The Shrek Theme Halloween Costume for Couples

  1. Dalmatian Couple

The Dalmatian couple theme on Halloween can be easily developed as you wear black spots on white costumes, with dog collars on your neck or waist, and carry a pack of dog food in hand.

29 Dalmatian Couple Costume for Halloween 2016

  1. Gangster couple costume

For the gangster couple theme, the man must be dressed in a full formal suit and cap with cigars on lips and a pistol in hand. The lady must be hotly dressed in dark colors and bold figure hugging outfit to complement the gangster’s manly style.

30 Gangster couple costume for Halloween 2016


These are just a few suggestions for Couples Halloween costumes of 2016. There are many more ripe and great ideas to use and you would love to explore through the costume possibilities. Halloween is a nice time to show how desperate you are for attention as the couple, and you can be really smart, bold and shameless when it comes to choice of odd, spooky, strange and funny costumes. Give it a bold and smart statement, and carry your costume in style to snatch all attention in Halloween party and get visible as the only couple with stunning Halloween costume choice.

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